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FBE Coating in Mumbai

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FBE Coating in Mumbai

We manufacture and supply a wide range of FBE Coating in Mumbai, Dealer at the reasonable prices. FBE Coating Coating is inert to virtually all chemicals and solvents when used in thick sections. Service temperatures rated up to 160c. It is usually used as a loose liner to line columns and pipes of simple design.

These are used for the chemical processing equipment and are not affected by any chemical. Our product range includes FBE Coating in Mumbai.

FBE Coating, Fusion bonded epoxy coating protects against corrosion. FBE Coating serves as a barrier that isolates the steel from the oxygen, moisture and chloride ions that are needed to cause corrosion. FBE Coating or Fusion bonded epoxy coating has a high electrical resistance, it blocks the flow of electrons that makeup the electrochemical process of corrosion. In addition to serving as a circuit breaker, the coating reduces the size and number of potential cathode sites, limiting the rate of any corrosion reaction that could occur.

FBE coating is engineered for optimum corrosion protection of metal in the very harshest environments which includes wastewater, saltwater, petrochemicals, solvents & corrosive gases. FBE coating in Mumbai provides enhanced properties for operation at an elevated temperature for compression, mechanical damage protection, wear, abrasions and cavitation resistance. FBE coating is thermosetting materials that achieves a high bond to metal surface as a result of a heat generated chemical reaction. At AAA Industries, we have carried, FBE coating for various different applications like saline water, portable water, gases etc, having successfully executed FBE Coating on Butterfly Valves, Ball Valves, Gate Valves & fittings for pipelines. AAA Industries is known for its services in FBE Coating in Mumbai.

FBE Coating can be carried out in the range of 300 microns to 675 microns thickness, In certain cases it can be coated maximum upto 1200 microns. FBE coating is a pin hole free coating when it is coated in the range of 400 microns to 1200 microns thickness. It is been tested with maximum of 2.2 KV spark test.

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