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Nylon Polymide Coating Services in Mumbai

AAA Industries has been in Nylon Polyamide Coating Services for a decade now. The Nylon Polyamide powder coating is widely used to protect variety of metal substrates such as steel, aluminum etc. It is applied either electrostatically or in a fluid bed. It protects a wide wide range of applications from corrosion to impact and abrasion. We offer a premium quality range of Nylon Polymide Coating Services in Mumbai , which are used in different applications.

These products are made available in different shapes and sizes that are coated.

Our offered products are widely famous for their abrasion and corrosion resistance and are available in range up to 250 to 500 microns. We offer these products in different colours and these are having various properties.

As a Nylon Polymide Coating Services in Mumbai, are thermoplastic polyamide coatings and comes under the category of Protective coatings in paints and coating nomenclature. These application methods are great when you need to derive functional and strong coating.

When Nylon Polymide Coating electrostatically is applied on the application, we spray the part with a dry powder that is fluidized with air and then is post cured. Electrostatic Sprays are generally applied at thickness ranging from 1.5 15 mils (thousandths of an inch).

The Fluid Bed Nylon coating is applied through a dip process where the part is preheated and dipped into a dry powder that is fluidized with air and then post cured. Fluid Bed vinyl is generally applied at a thickness ranging from 5 40 mils (thousandths of an inch). Typical coating application temperatures are usually in the range of 180C to 250 C (360 to 480 F).

Nylon based powders are recommended for both interior and exterior applications, Nylon Polymide Coating for metal offers an exceptional combination of critical physical properties.

AAA Industries is proud to provide Nylon Polymide Coating Services in Mumbai, we have a list of client to whom we provide the services and have repeat orders from them.

We are Nylon Polymide Coating Services manufacturers and suppliers of Nylon Polymide Coating Cervices. OurNylon Polymide Coating Cervices pipe are quality assurance, competitive price, fast delivery, exporting experience. Nylon Polymide mould application to steel pipe, steel plate mesh pipe and steel wire mesh pipe outer covered plastic.

Because many of the parts that we coat with nylon are metal and steel parts, we have a control room designed for the elimination of contaminants normally found in a coating on metal and steel parts.

Nylon Polymide Coating Services applies liquid nylon coatings as well as nylon powder coatings.

Occasionally, we create custom blends that include nylon to meet performance or pricing requirements. We are able to coat prototypes, small runs, as well as large volumes. We do coat sample parts.

These are used for the chemical processing equipment and are not affected by any chemical. Our product range includes Nylon Polymide Coating etc.

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